The Ministry of Paradise Newsletter – Passage to Paradise SIGNS OF THE TIMES is being published to provide the reader with in depth wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the events around the world and how they relate to the coming End Times as written in the Holy Bible.

With events rapidly changing globally without any doubt by word of God time is heading in the direction of the last years of time on this earth. However, these years have not commenced as yet.

The goal and objective of the newsletters is to keep the reader in tuned with the word of God as a guide post to fully grasp the events as they unfold around the world. The recent COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus global pandemic has brought dynamic shift in peoples lives across this globe.

In the Newsletter Premier Issue volume 1, Issue 1 tilted: A Global Pandemic Giving Rise to a Changing World, how this pandemic has changed the world forever is and an evaluation of the central theme being held by many people that the vaccine will be the “Mark of Beast” as stated in the Book of Revelation.

We hope that these newsletters will capture and captivate your attention while at the same time providing you with wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the word of God to discern the times in which we are living.

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