We cannot begin to imagine the PARADISE OF GOD! (Revelation 2:7).

When we awake to face another day, begin the day with the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9–13); and give God thanks in Jesus’ name for his love, blessing and mercy this day. No matter what comes this day, King Jesus admonishes us to ENDURE THIS LIFE TO THE END to inherit an abundant life (Mark 13:13).

With the knowledge that God created this heaven and earth, the sea and all that is in the earth (Psalms 95:5, 24:1), we can keep as a reminder a picturesque island paradise to endure every day this life to end to keep focused to seek to obtain passage to the PARADISE OF GOD on King Jesus’ return at the end of time (Matthew 24:36) (Luke 23:43) (Revelation 2:7, 11:18).

“For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen, O God, beside thee, what he hath prepared for him that waiteth for him” (Isaiah 64:4).

“How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings. They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of thy house; and thou shalt make them drink of the river of thy pleasures” (Psalm 36:7–8).

“The [RIGHTEOUS] shall flourish like the palm tree” (Psalm 92:12).
When time ends, “[TRUTH] shall spring out of the earth; and [RIGHTEOUSNESS] shall look down from heaven” (Psalm 85:11).

“Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the LORD his God. Which made heaven, and earth, the sea, and all that therein is: which [KEEPETH TRUTH FOREVER]” (Psalm 146:5–6).


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